Are you a fond of horseriding, but afraid of serious injuries? It’s time for some innovation that we have implemented in cooperation with Winderen brand. Often the impulse to create an innovative product is a passion and it is people with passion who create Winderen. While practicing horseriding, they noticed the problem of injuries especially during jumping over fences, where the load on the joints is enormous. So they asked us to design stirrups with absorbers to relieve the load on joints. So that after many experiments, we’ve defined the design brief together. Finding a solution to the problem of injury and comfort of use has become one of the most important goals for us. We turned the whole idea into design, implemented construction and functional solutions. The final result was an innovative stirrup with adjustable angle of foot pad, eliminating loads while riding, with a dynamic form emphasizing the character of this sport. The shape also clearly shows the direction of placing the foot in the stirrup.

Below you can see finished product, see what parts it consists of, how it works, how a realistic model was created, and see the very first concepts.
Lifestyle photos: Winderen Archive